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June Box – Chewlock Holmes 🔎

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June Box – Chewlock Holmes 🔎

Put on your detective cap and switch on your Chewlock Holmes deduction skills – help us solve this mystery of “who chewed it?!” (was it really the cat?)

Magnifying Glass
Don’t let any small details go by in your investigation, have a closer look at that chew mark! Made with seagrass, rattan and apple stick.

Spy on your suspects from afar with these chewable cardboard binoculars. Stuffed with timothy hay – add forage, mixes or hide treats in here for extra fun!

Pawprint Brush
Dust the area for paw prints to get you closer to the truth. Made with dried grass and willow stick.

Top-Secret Suitcase
Spy gears, top secret files and orchard grass hay – all stuffed in this sea grass suitcase! Great for hiding secrets (like treats!).

Super Brain-Food Mix
Stay sharp with this nutritious mix with a dash of lavender to help you keep calm and investigate on. Use with toys or sprinkle on hay and food.

Tip! Hide treats and pellets in toys for extra foraging fun. Don’t forget, treats should be fed sparingly and make up no more than 2% of your pet’s diet.


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