Santa’s Visit – Xmas box 🎅

Ho ho ho! Santa has arrived with a sleigh filled with goodies for everybun this holiday season!

This box includes :

1 x Balsa Santa sleigh
1 x Stuffed gift box
1 x North Pole snow
1 x Traditional pudding
1 x Santa’s boot


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Santa’s Sleigh
Made from balsa wood with natural and edible adhesive – perfect for filling up with hays and forage!

Stuffed Gift Box
Who doesn’t love opening up gift boxes? Tear your way through this one wrapped with a raffia bow. Stuffed with orchard grass hay and rose petals.

North Pole Snow
Santa brought a little gift from his hometown, a bag of ‘snow’! Sprinkle this delicious mix on hay, mix with pellets or offer as a snack by itself.

Traditional Pudding
Lovingly baked by Resilient Bunny Treats – a special pudding to share with your loved ones.

Santa’s Boot
Oops! Seems like Santa lost a boot as he ran up the chimney! Stuff with hay and sprinkles to make it extra tasty.

Tip! Hide treats and pellets in toys for extra foraging fun. Don’t forget, treats should be fed sparingly and make up no more than 2% of your pet’s diet.